Wednesday, March 24, 2004

WMD: Made in the USA

ChangeforAmerica on loose "chems":
"One of the ultimate ironies is that for all of the U.S. government's finger-pointing at Iraq and other countries -- nations we're challenging to account for every one of their weapons of mass destruction -- our country is riddled with similar weapons that our government itself can't even find," says Elizabeth Crowe, an organizer for the Chemical Weapons Working Group, a coalition of citizens living near chemical-weapons sites....

By the government's own estimate, there are 15,000 chemical plants that contain large quantities of potentially deadly compounds. Many of the facilities have been shown to employ little security, offering terrorists easy access to chemicals that could be used as weapons of mass destruction.

Yickes! Scary. How about we just outsource the industry and get rid of the problem? ;)

I'm glad ChangeforAmerica is worried about this. Many "progressive Democrats" still don't seem to see a strong economy and defense as part of their core values. Well, then, don't complain about a lack of democracy when you lose, folks!

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