Sunday, March 14, 2004

Why? Madness.


Double Palestinian bombing kills 11 Israelis, wounds more
Afghanistan: Suspected Taliban attack kills five
Iraq: Roadside bombs kill six US soldiers
Man accused of killing nine in Fresno committed polygamy, incest, police allege

Slightly lesser madness:

Spain's ruling party ousted from power after terror attack

Why madness? Because Spaniards (and liberals everywhere) seem to believe that you can make peace with the terrorists if only you give them enough. As it seems to have worked once, I don't see why the terrorists won't try it again.

Why slightly lesser? Because the PP really isn't a very well-run party, and has not been able to make a good case for its leadership on anything other than the improving economic situation.


"Kerry [said] that he's heard from some world leaders who quietly back his candidacy and hope he defeats President Bush in November."

Now, that's a really good reason to elect the guy!

"North Korea Waits for Kerry," comments The Christian Science Monitor. The Financial Times reports, "North Korea warms to Kerry presidency bid":
Dear Leader is not the only one getting deferential treatment from the communist state's propaganda machine: John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic candidate, is also getting good play in Pyongyang.

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