Monday, February 16, 2004

RWUCR's Fighting Whites

Congrats to Jason Mattera and the boys down at RWUCR for, once again, landing the national press. Ben thinks that their “White Scholarship Award” crosses the line. I really don’t see what that is. Tufts just got a large scholarship fund endowment to benefit "undergraduate African American, Hispanic American and Native American students from underprivileged backgrounds."

"Individuals who choose to invest their own money in causes and opportunities that are meaningful to them are not restricted by affirmative action rules," Public Relations director Siobhan Houton said.

I don’t see why undergraduate white, Asian, and Middle Eastern students from underprivileged backgrounds should be left out. Nor do I see why it is considered acceptable, or liberal minded, in 2004 to be dividing students by “race” the way that Tufts and so many other universities do.

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