Sunday, July 25, 2004

Amost Famous

I'm profiled in the summer issue of the Tufts Magazine (where I once used to work)!

"I don’t think John Kerry presents the ability to lead the country in any direction. His record of changing his stances and decisions is going to come out very clearly, and the people of this country are going to see that this guy has no plan to lead us anywhere. The Bush administration showed strong leadership in the face of terrorism and on social and economic issues. They are providing a course for America to a better future for our generation and our children’s generation."

I was also quoted in a lengthy article about young Republicans in the North Shore Sunday:
Much was made about the way former Vermont governor Howard Dean utilized the Internet in getting young people excited about his campaign for the White House, but as Tufts' Tsipman explains, Democrats weren't the only ones taking notice of Dean's technique.

"I think the Internet has been huge in the way it's been used by young conservatives," says Tsipman. "I thought the Dean phenomenon was pretty amazing, but the Bush campaign team that's targeted at college students is absolutely fantastic.

"Plus there are books and conferences and great college programs for conservatives," he adds. "It's all these things that gets students energized, gets them interested and gets them out to vote."

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