Thursday, April 08, 2004

Coca-Cola CEO talks ethics at Yale

As Daft began his speech, protesters proceeded to the front of the room and removed their coats to reveal shirts stained with fake blood. The protesters lay on the floor as if they were dead and remained so throughout the talk. Other demonstrators passed out literature accusing members of Coke's board of being complacent about the murders of union members at the company's plants in Colombia. The group also unfurled two banners, one reading "Coke: Proud sponsor of Colombian Death squads."
University Police initially tried to bar demonstrators from entering a reception after the talk. After the officers relented, the protesters surrounded Daft and peppered him with questions regarding Coke's labor relations, causing him to leave the reception early.

Shame on Yale and its students. How rude. And, what a terrible way to make a point. Thank God that nothing like this has occurred at Tufts in over a year.

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